Eyebrow correction and maintenance

''The Eyebrow is the essence of expression on the Human face'' say's Oya Tolga...

And gives in her Studio in Maçka to her Customers lessons in Eyebrow correction and maintenance.

The ones who ask for these services have to call us and ask for a date...

+90-212-261 68 75

The Eyebrow is the essence of expression . We have to care for!

I will show you now how we have to do it...

Before make up 30 min. attenst you are supposed to have your face cleaned by use of a tonic and prepared for make up by application of a humilizer or base.

Your eyebrows have to be brushed in opposite direction from your temples to your nose.


If you do so you realize how the hairs erect.

Take a skin coloured pencil and paint your eyebrow at is has to be and I demonstrated in red.

After this take the small seissors and cut the upper line of the eyebrow and pluck with the tweezers the hairs in the lowerline to crate the final shape.

After this you have to brush the eyebrow again in opposite direction and fill up the eyebrow area by painting with a pencil.

After painting your skin and brushing  your eyebrow back in its natural direction you will achieve a natural look.

Every Woman is beautiful.

There are some rare exceptions that do think they are not.

Lets open the Door to this world of wonders and lets satisfied with our looks even be fascinated by them.


First we have to choose the place where we can applicate the make up. 

1- Artificial light or day light that comes from the sides of the mirror parallel to the face.
2- A stool that is placed in front of the mirror
3- Tools on the Make-Up table:
A- Cotton Wool
B- Papper Tisusses
C- Cotton Wool balls
D- full water Cup
E- Make up material
F- Brushes
G- Handmirror
H- Brush for blush and powder
I- Eyebrowbrush
J- small seissorts
K- tweezers

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