PR & Advisory Service's based on Product Advertisement and Brand Image for the Cosmetical Industry

The Turkish cosmetics market and the understanding of make up for Turkish women differenciates as in other contries with different cultural base and has as a result a typology of its own.

This native typology is created by the influence of the women who are an active part of the society and whose preferences are an output of the specific cultural impressions.

Even if in to days world we assume the existence of globalized culture fashion and aesthetics this hypothesis shows especially for cultural circles of ther own harsh differences in details.

Especially in make up which is an essential part of the self presentation of contemporary women cosmetical companies have to take into consideration the specific culture of the society when they buit up the product line and organize the PR.

During over 40 years of activities in the Turkish cosmetic world I made the expierence that brands with very sophisticated product lines for my criteria had to give up the market and heavy investments because they did not take into consideration the spesific positions of the native Turkish market and running wrong PR policies.

On the contrary to failing brands different suppliers of cosmetics like Max Factor achieved in co-operation with Oya tolga Market leadership positions.

Oya Tolga offers to companies whose products fullfill the criteria of quality four us cooperation in PR and advertising.

Please take into consideration that Oya Tolga will cooperate with your company in PR or take active part in advertising projects only in case of the products are of international standard and according to her quality criteria.

The szenario of your PR strategy should be realized according to our advices.

Of course any idea from your side can be used as long as it harmonizes with the reputation and integration of Oya Tolga. 


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